This Fall Learn How To Prepare Trees For Winter

how to prepare trees for winter

Maybe everyone is so caught up in the fall season that they don’t realize how close winter is. Fall is a time to know how to prepare your trees for winter. As we all know, our trees lose their needles in the winter, so it’s just as vital to keep them prepared for the cold. Continue reading to find out how to prepare your trees for the winter.

1. Start For Clean Up

Cleaning up the dead ones is necessary before you can begin strengthening your trees. Call a Philadelphia tree removal service to take care of the work for you if any trees or branches on your property are dead or have fallen. Remove or transplant stray seedlings that have appeared in your yard and are a bit too close to your home or other plants as another approach to tidying it up.

2. Pruning is the Next Thing

By removing dead or dying branches, pruning increases a tree’s overall strength. In addition to safeguarding your property, this procedure is essential for keeping your trees alive over the winter. It’s possible for dying branches to fall when there is a lot of snow on them, which could cause damage to your home or your family. Before it snows, finish your trimming! Contact a licensed arborist from the dependable and reasonably priced Pa-Flores Tree Services and Landscaping.

3. Give Your Trees Its Needed Water Intake

It’s crucial to give your trees a drink over the winter since, despite what we may imagine, winters can be just as dry as summers. During the fall, give your trees a little additional water, and mulch them to keep the moisture in.

4. Mulch

Mulch around your trees will help them stay hydrated and lessen excessive soil temperatures during the drier, colder winter months. To prevent fungus growth on the tree’s actual trunk, it’s crucial to remember to leave a 6-inch distance between the tree and the mulch when mulching.

5. Wrap Your Trees

When leaves die, it’s crucial to continue preserving your trees differently since they add an extra layer of protection for trees. By wrapping them, you can give your trees an extra layer of defense from winter sunscald and other circumstances that can harm their bark. Wrap them top to bottom to avoid moisture collecting in the creases. 

6. Fertilize Your Trees

The soil around your trees will inevitably lose some nutrients during the scorching summer and the chilly winter. Because of this, autumn is the ideal season to feed the soil around your trees to treat them with fertilizer. Your trees should be able to survive the winter with the aid of gradual fertilizer, which will also protect them from harm, illness, and insects.

7. Consult Your Trusted Philadelphia Tree Service Provider

Even after taking all of the above steps, consulting with a licensed arborist is still the best preventative measure you can take to get your trees ready for the winter. They will thoroughly inspect your trees for symptoms of illness or death and can quickly spot weak branches or cracks. Your trees will be secure and prepared for the winter with the help of your trusted Philadelphia tree service company.

Want to enjoy the forthcoming Christmas season without worrying about whether or not your trees are ready for the winter? For all of your tree service needs, trust Flores Tree Services and Landscaping. We can help you in your efforts how to prepare trees for winter and effectively handle the challenging tasks involved. We offer homeowners an affordable tree service PA. Call us at Flores Tree Services today!

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