The 5 Benefits Of Winter Pruning

winter pruning service

Ah, winter. For many of us, this means dressing in layers and staying indoors where it’s warm. Did you know that the optimum time of year to prune your trees is during the winter? Yes, believe it or not, pruning your trees in the winter has several advantages, despite the harsh weather. So here are the five benefits of winter pruning


Remove Damaged Limbs Effectively

When you prune in the winter, you get rid of structurally weak limbs. Your trees’ weak branches may become heavy and break off when snow builds up on them, endangering any onlookers. Removing dead limbs also aids in limiting the transmission of disease from afflicted branches to other areas of the tree.


Consider hiring a winter pruning service! Arborists, who specialize in caring for trees, have received professional training in the best practices for pruning. They are also insured and have the necessary tools to perform it safely.


Winter Pruning Promotes Spring Growth

Winter pruning encourages spring growth. You are giving the tree the energy it can use for future growth by cutting off dead or broken branches. So when April comes around, the tree may be fuller and healthier. Just be sure to take good care of your trees during the winter to maintain their health.


Destructive Pests Are Dormant During The Winter

The fact that pests remain dormant over the winter is good news for your tree. Recently cut trees attract pests like elm bark beetles, which can injure the tree or spread diseases like Dutch elm disease. Because it will be dormant throughout the winter, your tree won’t be as vulnerable.

Winter can be a great time to treat diseases and pests to protect your trees all year. Therefore, consult your visiting arborist about the best treatment plan for your tree.


Winter Pruning Enhances The Tree’s Overall Appearance

Pruning makes your trees look better by removing unsightly dead or broken branches. During winter pruning, you can concentrate on improving the form and shape of your trees so that they look their best in the spring.


Winter Pruning Is Practical

Last but not least, winter trimming is practical. You can list tasks you can focus on throughout the spring and summer. Winter is a great time to cross pruning off your to-do list so you can have peace of mind come spring.

With all the advantages listed above, winter pruning is a wise choice, though you can perform tree pruning any time of the year. Therefore, give winter pruning a try if you’re seeking a technique to improve your plants as we enter the new year. If you’re interested in winter pruning service, contact us at (215) 971 0007 or visit our website,, to schedule a consultation with one of our arborists and get a free estimate.

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