How Much Does Tree Removal Cost? Your Personal Guide To Tree Removal Service

There is no single answer to the question of how much does tree removal cost, and the only way to provide realistic tree removal pricing is to understand fully the factors that affect tree removal costs. Let’s take a look at each of the criteria in this post to evaluate which tree service company can best fit your budget.

How Much Is the Average Cost of Tree Removal?

You may get tree removal services at a cheaper cost, but what if you hire an arborist who isn’t licensed to remove trees? You are putting your home’s safety at risk only to save money. It is always wise to hire only licensed, insured, trustworthy and experienced arborists. A professional tree service company can provide you the service that you desire with a decent price range of $150- $20, 000. 

Factors Affecting Tree Removal Costs

1. Tree Specifications

Arborists have distinct safety and logistical challenges when working with large trees. It demands the use of forceful cutting methods, the processing of more branches and stumps, and the removal of a large amount of waste. Trees with thorns or spikes, such as coral trees, require special attention. Because of the necessary safety precautions, these trees might be among the most costly to remove. Lastly, before a quote is given, the tree’s overall health should be examined. Climbing is frequently required when removing trees, so the tree must be structurally strong in order to be moved efficiently.

2. The Surrounding Conditions of the Tree 

Tree removal can be difficult due to the location. This is why the location of the tree plays a crucial part in determining the amount of time required to remove it. Obstructions above and underneath the tree, like powerlines and ponds, should be considered. Ground surfaces, such as tiles or grass, are taken into account.  Accessing the tree and removing debris can be challenging if the land is uneven. It also puts workers in danger and forces them to take additional breaks as they get exhausted.

3. Things that are Beyond the Arborist’s Control

When estimating the price of tree removal, some factors are unavoidable. The time it takes to remove trees is affected by bad weather, such as heavy rain and thunderstorms, extreme heatwaves, or strong winds. In this case, tree removal costs will vary greatly depending on the circumstances.

4. Other Cost Factors 

The cost of tree removal isn’t just determined by the tree. When quoting tree removal costs, there are other factors to consider that may not be obvious at first. 

Stump removal is a good example of this. The removal of the stump and the rest of the tree is a labor-intensive process that can affect the final cost of your tree removal service. Also, clients who live in cities with a high cost of living will pay more for tree services.


We hope that through this guide, we help you to have a better understanding of how much does tree removal cost. Looking for a local tree service? Now is the time to contact us. Flores Tree Services is the company to call if you need a professional and affordable tree service in Philadelphia or the surrounding areas. We won’t wait for your tree to cause more problems and money; we have the tools to get the job done immediately. We are your expert tree service company that will handle your tree problems, ensuring 100% satisfaction and providing a 24/7 tree service.

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